Slippery Incline Argument

 Slippery Incline Argument Composition

Slippery Slope Argument

Phil 103

19 April 2006

When one argues against an idea or perhaps action, one particular form frequently used is called the slippery incline argument. Within a slippery slope argument, a single takes a consequentialist view on the action showcased, then extrapolates the even more outcome occasionally based on facts, sometimes not. For example , I might argue that my teacher should not eat chocolate ice cream, as a result of two causes: Eating candy ice cream energizes pleasure centers in the human brain, and consuming chocolate ice cream causes putting on weight. Stimulating enjoyment centers in the brain may easily become a great addiction. The conclusion I reach is that in the event that my instructor became addicted to chocolate ice cream it would only be a matter of the time before this individual could not teach me, since he would always be trapped in the bedroom, largely overweight, seeing Oprah and eating pint after pint of Ben & Jerry's. It is easy to notice that while the two initial causes are valid, the forecasted outcome has no data to support it. At times slippery incline arguments are very valid, and point to logical outcomes, and other times they will manipulate the argument and point to groundless doom.

Peggy Noonan presents us a slippery slope argument pertaining to the case of Terry Schiavo. Noonan state that

" If a society comes to believe that individual life is not inherently well worth living, it is just a slippery incline to the gas chamber. You wind up on the low road that twists past Columbine and leads toward Auschwitz. Today that road operates through Pinellas Park, Fla. "

In currently taking apart the quote, we can see that Noonan subscribes to a Vitalistism point of view. This means that the lady believes individual life being inherently worth living, which it has an inbuilt value. This time of perspective is opposing of a ‘quality of life' philosophy. An excellent of lifestyle view is definitely one in which will a person feel that human life has a extrinsic worth, that your life without any meaningful returns could be morally concluded. Anther thing to note can be...



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