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Manila Light Railroad Transit System

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Manila Light Rail Transit Program

The platform area of LRTA Crimson line Legarda Station.


Type| Rapid transit

Status| Operational

Termini| BaclaranВ (Yellow Line), В SantolanВ (Purple Line) RooseveltВ (Yellow Line), В RectoВ (Purple Line)

Stations| thirty-one

Services| 2

Daily ridership| 600, 500 (2011)


Opened| Dec 1, 1984

Owner| Mild Rail Transit Authority

Operator(s)| Light Rail Transit Expert

Rolling stock| Yellow Series:


Hyundai Precision/Adtranz

Kinki Sharyo/Nippon Sharyo

Purple Series:

Hyundai Precision


Line length| Over 31В km (19В mi);

34. 5В km (21. 4В mi) upon completion of current extension

Track gauge| 1, 435В mmВ (4В ftВ 8В 1вЃ„2В in)В standard gauge| Electrification| Overhead range

Operating speed| 60 km/h

TheВ Manila Light Rail Transportation System, commonly known as theВ LRT, is a metropolitan rail program serving theВ Metro ManilaВ area in theВ Philippines. Although referred to as aВ light railВ system because it originally utilized light train vehicles, it truly is more of aВ rapid transitВ (metro) system, such as substantial passenger throughput, exclusive right-of-way and later use of full metro rolling stock. The LRT is operated by theВ Light Railroad Transit AuthorityВ (LRTA), a government-owned and manipulated corporation under the authority of theВ Department of Transportation and CommunicationsВ (DOTC). Along with theManila Metro Train Transit SystemВ (MRT-3, also called the Blue Line), and theВ Philippine National RailwaysВ (PNR), the LRT is part of Metro Manila's rail transportation infrastructure generally known as theВ Strong Republic Transit SystemВ (SRTS). Quick and inexpensive to ride, the LRT serves 579, 000В passengers every day. ItsВ 31 stationsВ along over 31В kilometers (19В mi) of mostly raised track type two lines. LRT LineВ 1, also called theВ Yellow Line, opened in 1984 and trips a north–south route. LRT LineВ 2, theВ Purple Line, was completed in 2004 and runs east–west. The initial LRT LineВ 1 was constructed as a no-frills means of public transport and lacks a lot of features and comforts, however the new LRT LineВ 2 has become built with extra standards and criteria in mind likeВ barrier-freeВ access. Guards at each station conduct examinations and provide assistance. A reusable plastic magnet ticketing system has replaced the previous token-based system, as well as the Flash Pass introduced like a step to a more bundled transportation system. Many passengers who ride the LRT also take various types of road-based general public transport, this kind of asВ buses, from a LRT station to succeed in their designed destination. Although it aims to reduceВ traffic congestionВ and travelling times in the metropolis, the transportation system has just been partially successful due to the rising quantity of motor vehicles and rapidВ urbanization. The network's enlargement is set on tackling this issue. ContentsВ В[hide]В 5. 1В Network 2. 2В Stations * 3В Rolling inventory * three or more. 1В Yellow Range * three or more. 2В Purple Collection * 4В Safety and reliability * 5В Fares * your five. 1В Ticketing 2. 5. 1 ) 1В Magnetic solution * a few. 1 . 2В Flash Pass 2. 6В History 5. 7В Future development * six. 1В Extensions * 7. 2В New lines 5. 7. 3В Transfer of collection operations * 8В See likewise * 9В References * 10В Further reading 2. 11В External links| -------------------------------------------------


Main articles or blog posts:  Manila LRT Yellow Series,  Manila LRT Purple Series, and List of LRT areas System map of the Manila LRT (current as of October 22, 2010)| The LRT network involves two lines: the original LRT Line 1 (LRT-1) or Discolored Line, and the more modern LRT Line 2 (LRT-2), or Purple Line. The Yellow Collection is lined up in a general north–south way along over 17. 2 kilometers (10. 7 mi) of completely elevated trail. FromMonumento it runs south over a hustle and bustle...

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