Economics, Business Studies and Geography

 Economics, Business Studies and Geography Article

CH 14]

Business 101 — The Basics


Chapter 18

Production and Operations Supervision

Learning Goals

1 . Format the roles of specialty area, standardization in mass production. mechanization, and

2 . Describe the contributions and challenges associated with the utilization of assembly lines, automation, and robots in producing products. 3. Go over the three components of production and operations management. 4. Determine the major factors involved in selecting plant spots. 5. Go over the alternative styles for creation facilities. six. Explain the steps involved in the purchasing process. several. Discuss the huge benefits and disadvantages of maintaining huge amounts of inventory. 8. Describe the steps from the manufacturing control process. 9. Determine the advantages of quality circles in improving quality control.


Production and Operations Supervision

Chapter Review

[CH 14

energy Want-satisfying benefits of a product or service. type utility Power created through the conversion of raw materials and also other inputs in to finished goods and services. production Utilization of people and machinery to convert materials into finished products or services.

Companies will carry on and do business as long as they meet consumer requirements. By creating and providing goods and services that satisfy client needs businesses will contend in the marketplace. What firms make for the marketplace, economists call up utility—the want-satisfying power of a good or support. Economists possess defined 4 types of utility: period, place, possession, and kind. Time, place, and ownership utility exist through marketing and distribution — having services and goods available for consumers at places convenient to them and that help title copy at the time of buy. Form electricity is created the moment raw materials happen to be converted into completed goods or services. A chair is a sum of wood, style, manufacture and assembly. Cotton is farmed from domains, processed into thread, stiched into textile, and then by simply cutting, framing, sewing, adding zippers and belt coils are made in to Wrangler denim jeans. A firms production function is responsible for the creation of form energy. Production is the process of employing people and machinery to convert materials into done goods and services. Although the term production is sometimes employed interchangeably with manufacturing, production is a larger term and includes a volume of nonmanufacturing operations. For example , development encompasses these kinds of extractive sectors as doing some fishing, lumber, and mining. Development also pertains to the creation of solutions. Services will be intangible results of the development system. They will include results as diverse as rubbish hauling, education, haircuts, duty accounting, health delivery devices, mail companies, transportation, and lodging. Stand 14. 1 lists five examples of creation systems to get a variety of services and goods. Whether production results in a tangible very good or a great intangible support, both are developed by the alteration of inputs into results. The conversion process may involve key changes in unprocessed trash or a straightforward combining of finished parts. The grocer performs a production function by cutting up a side of beef into ground meat, steaks, chuck roasts, and other cuts of meat. Standard Motors combines tires, ignite plugs, a battery, and thousands of additional components to complete a new Saturn. These types of processes make creation of form power. This phase describes the process of producing goods and services. We start by explaining just how production tactics, technology, plus the concept of top quality increase efficiency. Then all of us identify the tasks of the creation and businesses manager in planning for creation, implementing the plan, and manipulating the production method. Finally, we all discuss the effect of development on the environment.

Mass Production and the Flow line

mass creation Manufacture of goods in large quantities as a result of...



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