Cadbury Marketing Program

 Cadbury Promoting Plan Composition

Early spring 2009


Cadbury is actually a leading global confectionery firm with an outstanding portfolio of chocolate, bubble gum and candies brands. We employ around 45, 000 people and have direct businesses in over 60 countries, selling our products in markets everywhere around the world. We are nearly two hundred years small. Our origins can be followed back to 1824 when John Cadbury opened a shop in Birmingham, UK selling tea and cacao and in 1831, started developing drinking chocolate and cocoa. In 69 Cadbury merged with Schweppes to create Cadbury Schweppes. In 2003, Adams Confectionery was acquired which include its Trident and Entree brands, now respectively the world's largest gum and candy brands. On several May 2008, we demerged the Americas Beverages organization and created Cadbury plc. In Drive 2009, we all announced a certain agreement to sell the Australia Beverages organization for approximately ВЈ550 million.

The vision

The Vision into Action plan symbolizes all aspects of our strategy. Our governing objective is to deliver remarkable shareowner results by realising our perspective to be the planet's biggest and best sweetmeat company. At the heart of our plan is the performance scorecard, delivered through our focus, sustainability obligations and culture.

Financial highlights

2008 Complete year outcomes • • • • Base organization revenue +7% Strong development across most categories, emerging markets and focus brands Underlying functioning margins +150bps Transformation into a category-led pure-play confectionery firm

2008 Complete year confectionery revenue by simply business product

6 a few 4 six 1 2 3

you 2 three or more 4 5 6 7

Europe The uk and Ireland Middle East and Africa North America South usa Asia Pacific cycles

20% 24% 7% 22% 8% 6% 13%

(except where stated all motions use frequent currency)

08 Full 12 months confectionery revenue by category

3 you 2

Economical calendar 35 April 2009 14 May possibly 2009 Temporary Management Assertion AGM

1 Chocolate 2 Gum three or more Candy

46% 33% 21%

Our constant...



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