Breads Mold Laboratory Report

 Bread Form Lab Statement Essay


Bread Form Lab


The purpose of this kind of lab was to test the result of drinking water on bread mold expansion. Hypothesis:

We hypothesized loaf of bread mold would grow faster if the bread was exposed to water. Supplies:

1 . Bread

2 . Plastic-type material cup

several. Water

4. Rubber music group

5. Plastic wrap

6. Light

six. Scale

eight. Seizers


Day you

1 . Minimize two components of bread one particular by you

2 . Place the beard in two separate cups

a few. Put 14 drops of water using one of the components of bread

4. Cover cups with plastic wrap

5. Put rubber bands around each cup

6. Place cups on scale to weigh them

Day two

1 . Take notice of the mold or any changes to the bread

installment payments on your Reweigh loaf of bread to see the difference in pounds

3. Record your data

some. Dispose of the bread and/or of the mould


Both equally pieces of breads were stagnant. There was zero bread mold on azure pieces of loaf of bread. The bread stayed the same size. Zero change in the colour of the breads.

Weight of bread after and before a week| Before 1 week| Following one week| Dry loaf of bread | a few. 5 grams | a few. 5 grams

Moist bread| 5. your five grams| six. 0 grms


1 . What does your data present about the effect of your Changing on Rhizopus growth? The data from my own experiment demonstrate that eleven drops of water does not help the growth of bread mold. 2 . Had been you astonished by the benefits of your research? Yes, I used to be surprised mainly because I thought drinking water would increase the growth of bread mildew. 3. What part of designing and undertaking an try things out did you find difficult? This did not include that hard of an research, I did not pick one part being more difficult compared to the any of the other regions. 4. If you were to do even more research into bread form growth, which of the other parameters would you be considering testing. I would be interested in air as a variable because I think it influenced my research on drinking water and breads mold. Realization:

The data does not support my own hypothesis in water producing bread form grow...



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