1 ) Science Indicates That Man's Moral Beliefs Are Highly Suspect. Discuss.

 Essay on 1 . Science Has Shown That Man’s Ethical Values Are quite Questionable. Talk about.

Scientific research today has made its presence felt in many field of life. Electric power, light bulbs, computers and 1000s of other medical inventions make our life more comfortable than ancient moments. No one can reject the benefits of research development. However , as research progresses, we see man's meaning values being challenged. Scientific research that utilized to bring expansion and improvement to the lives of the human race, have now been used by the human race to bring wonderful damage. Consequently , I agree that science has demonstrated that mans moral principles are highly questionable. One of the best cases for a medical invention that have brought great damage may be the atomic bomb. Millions of people were killed inside the atomic explosive device attack around the two Western cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, during World War II. Even years after that episode, many people are still suffering from the consequence of atomic rays in these cities. While the dropping of atomic bomb in Japan was done to end the war, it absolutely was a fact a mass destruction has took place. What offers happened to man's moral values they can allow science to be utilized to cause a whole lot damage to their particular other fellow mankind? Nowadays, many countries possess nuclear weapons. The potency of nuclear energy is so superb that it will cause very great damage plus the lost of countless lives. Yet , this has not stopped gentleman from developing more elemental weapons. This kind of shows that man's moral beliefs are highly doubtful. Have they approved such ways to protect their particular country? With the development in science, many new drugs, which may help to remedy incurable conditions in the past, had been invented. Yet , during this method, many experts have to execute animal assessment. Such prescription drugs have to be analyzed on pets first to learn if they are safe to be used on humans. In animal tests, the animals may have to have problems with pain and even lose their lives in the finish. To find a treatment for illnesses, animals are infected with such disorders and are required to grow...



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